When we were preparing for our wedding, my mindset was, I only need to take charge with the budget, or where should we get all the expenses for our most awaited wedding? But I was wrong, yes WRONG! Wedding preparation needs a lot of time and effort. With all the coordination, planning, and contacting with people, are time demanding undertakings. We were also on a tight budget, so we don't have a wedding coordinator, meaning we have to do all the stuff by ourselves. And we were working at the same time.

So by just thinking that my only concern was the money thing proved to be an inconsiderate notion.

So here is the twist, and I listed those things I did in order to help my fiancé' with all the preps.


Your partner may already have some details in her mind, but it is good to ask her about the preps, detailed or not. She will appreciate it specially when you also give suggestions.

Your suggestions may include the following:

  1. Wedding Motif - Yes, it is not common for a groom to be specific on this matter, but we have to. We need to sit down with her and ask our fiancé about it. We can also voice out our preference and even come up with a plan where both of you agree. Nothing much to worry if it is a Civil Wedding because commonly it is a white dress and that goes with the male also. But if it is a full blown wedding then this motif plays a vital role. You may want to consider to check online trend about wedding motif color and design. Remember that this thing needs a big chunk our your wedding budget. So you may want to check online for the prices. Here are some designs and prices online that you may consider purchasing.

Audrey Long Dress - You may want to visit her store online. The said store offers variety of wedding dresses with on hand products. Based from the store profile they are already operating online for 6 years with 66.7 followers and almost 5 stars review with 12.9k ratings. Visit there store now!

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It will also be a big help if you can decide early if what to wear as a groom. Avoid procrastination, I've learned my lesson from this experience. If your concern is the size and how will it match your preferred design or looks, don't worry much because some online offer variety of sizes and colors that will match with your motif. Do not take this for granted. You don't watch to be unprepared during your wedding day right? Some men do take this thing seriously. But you know what it is not good that your wife to be so gorgeous and beautiful yet you as a groom look like underdressed.

Will for me I preferred going to a tailoring shop and have my tuxedo tailor fit with my own preference and design. But honestly this is one of my regrets. You know what, because mostly tailoring shops offer their products and services more expensive compared to those that you can purchase online. You may want to check these stores below that I think fairly offers good to the best tuxedos that fit your style and budget. - This only store is already operating for almost 2 years with 9k followers. Here is the catch, their best tuxedo got 1.1k pieces sold. Wow! Prices ranges from 1299 to 1399 php because of their promos and vouchers. Reminder: These prices may changes from time to time. Visit their store now!

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2. Accessories, Souvenirs and Invitation - It will be a big help also if you can help each other when it come to this. These require logistics and even going to different stores physically. On our part we purchased souvenirs at Divisoria Market. But I would suggest to maximize stores online for these products. I am telling you it will save a lot of time for you. Besides online stores offers review from customers so you may decide whether to purchase the product or not. What like online is it the delivery option, as I said it save you time. Here are some products and store with good reviews and also base from the number of products they sold.

Abby & Co Wedding/Event Supplies - This online store started 4 years ago with 14k Followers. Their listing mostly contain wedding accessories. Their best selling product is a hair accessory with 3.9k items sold. What is impressive about this store is their rating which is 4.9 (almost perfect) with 20,000 raters. Good job! - Is one of the best suppliers online based on the total invitation sold from their store. From their profile it appears that they are the industry for 17 months. The highest number of of sold invitations cards is the Delicate Carved Butterflies Romantic Wedding.

3. Venue- One of the most important factors in every wedding is the venue, or where the wedding ceremony will take place. If you plan to have a church wedding of course your number one consideration is your Parish Church or any church denomination you belong. But commonly weddings today are also being held in hotels, garden, resort, beach or in some spaces where it can accommodate both the marriage rite and the reception. We listed some venues below that you may want to consider based from your preference and budget.

There are hundreds and hotels in the Philippines where you may want to check on for you wedding day, may it be for your reception or for the marriage ceremony to take place.

There is a international website that offers good lists of affordable hotels in the country. Choose your own venue by booking online. They also offer free cancelation, vouchers and discount for early bookers. Visit their website now!

Villa Ibarra Hotel - Tagaytay - This place is perfect for those who want exclusive place in the south area and wants to enjoy the cold breeze of Tagaytay City. According to its publicly listed information its main amenities include, daily housekeeping, restaurant, terrace, 24-hour front desk, garden, and a lot more. This hotel is also near to popular landmarks in the city such, Sky Ranch, Ayala Malls, and Summit Ridge Promenade.

Here is the full list of prices and amenities. Click here to view.

The Farm at San Benito - According to its website's information available online, The Farm at Sab Benito is considered as 5 start hotel. These are the amenities 32 smoke-free guestrooms, daily housekeeping,2 restaurants, full-service spa, 3 outdoor pools, free supervised childcare and a lot more...

Here is the full list of prices and amenities. Click here to view.